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Dashcam captures drunk driving crash on video

BATAVIA, New York (WIVB) – A driver from Ohio is accused of causing a serious crash on the Interstate 90 near Batavia, New York and it was all caught on dashcam video.

Tim Linton recorded the crash on his dashcam and uploaded it to YouTube where it has more than 1,000,000 views.

In the video you can see a black Camaro try to get past the vehicles in front of him. The driver tries to pass a truck illegally on the left and loses control.

The Camaro crashes into the truck and a tractor trailer, sending all three vehicles off the road.

Driver Kiran Thapa, 32, was arrested afterwards and charged with driving while intoxicated. Police say his blood alcohol content was .19 percent, WIVB reports.

You can see the entire video below.