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Despite rain, overcast skies many celebrate America’s birthday downtown

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Whether there was rain, some sun, or mostly overcast skies,  the elements weren’t getting in the way of another downtown birthday party for America.

“We are barbecuing. Listen to the music, dance a little bit” said Barbara Torrence. Her group of about a dozen people snagged a few picnic tables on the American Legion Mall. The trees standing around them worked as a natural umbrella in case it rained, but she like many others wasn’t too worried about the weather.

“I was watching the weather, hour by the hour. And it’s not gonna rain no more until 10 p.m. so that’s good,” she said.

Torrence wasn’t the only person with her eyes to the sky.

Organizers for the Donatos Downtown Freedom Blast worked hard to keep their fireworks display dry after a rainy Sunday trickled into Monday. The launch pads were covered in plastic and the actual fireworks were kept indoors.

“(Fireworks workers) were very well prepared yesterday,” said Lauren Bielenberg, EMG Project Manager. “They put a lot of work in that they knew would get them ahead today so I’m sure that they were just wiring things up and testing the show, making sure we’re good to run the show tonight.”

Bielenberg said only inclement weather, such as lightning or heavy fog, would prevent the show from firing off.

Baseball fans at Victory Field were glad to hear the good news. Not only will they get to see the downtown fireworks show from their seats, the Indianapolis Indians set up a fireworks display in the outfield. It goes off minutes before the downtown show.

“We have actually 19 people here today,” said Brett Richey of Indianapolis. “We all come out so we can watch game, watch the fireworks, enjoy family time.”

And if that means weathering some rain in the process, then so be it.

“We’re here, we’re gonna stick it out. We actually have covered seats so we’ll be alright,” he said with a smile.

“It’s exciting and the kids enjoy it,” Torrence said of why she’d stay through the rain. “We like to cook and have a good time.”