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Consumer demand for short form video is here to stay

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Video content is dominating social media. TikTok has set the tone for fun, interesting, and engaging content.

Nelson Spade, General Manager of Circulus Digital Media, WISH-TV’s full service digital agency and sister company, discussed how Instagram is trying to compete, and how there is an opportunity for marketers.

“Instagram reels is really their answer. While it’s not new to Instagram by any stretch, the popularity of its usage and how Instagram is pushing that content to users is evolving. At this point, users are using D.M.S reels and stories far more than a static post on their page, and brands are starting to take notice of that,” Spade said. “Mark Zuckerberg, the president and CEO of Meta, Instagram’s parent company, said that as much as 20% of all time spent on Instagram is specifically with reels, Instagram is seeing a benefit and a trend of keeping people on their platform by consistently feeding in this short video.”

Spade discussed what marketers are doing and how they’re trying to use this to their advantage.

“Half of brands active on Instagram use reels. That’s up almost over 30% in less than a year, so brands are taking notice. They’re seeing that using reels increases their engagement and their reach to consumers. It also shows that brands published more quantity still though single image or single videos, so there’s a big opportunity. Tens of thousands of brands are still not using reels, which is a big missed opportunity,” Spade said.

“Users like variety and not all users are the same. Not everyone views reels, not everyone uses D.M.S., so we’re seeing brands most successful with engagement and reach by using a variety of tactics, test, measuring, and improving consistently. At the end of the day, short form video is here to stay,” Spade said.

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