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Eagles DT Cox goes ‘Lucha Libre’ to support international football

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (Nexstar) – “I was told it has superpowers.”

That’s what Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox told reporters Wednesday when he wore a “Lucha Libre” Mexican wrestling mask for the entirety of his media interviews.

“I thought it would look cool during the interview,” Cox added.

As it turns out, Cox did not bring the mask with him. It was a gift from a reporter from Mexico who wanted to ask NFL players about the sport’s growing popularity internationally.

More than 5,000 reporters are in Minneapolis to cover the game, and they’ve come from all over the globe; some covering a football game for the first time. The NFL has played regular season games in London and Mexico City in recent years to help grow its exposure.

Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson also received a mask from the same reporter, and while Johnson only wore his for a few moments, he told the gathered media he wants to see the game grow in Mexico and other nations.

And by the way, Cox says he’s keeping his mask.