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Electric school buses making their way to IPS


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A Cincinnati-based company will provide hundreds of students in Indianapolis Public Schools a cleaner and quieter ride to classes with electric school buses, the district announced.

First Student, the leader in school electrification, secured $3.9 million from the United States Environmental Protection Agency to purchase 10 electronic school buses and charges, a first for the district.

According to a release, the funding for the electric school buses comes from the EPA’s Clean School Bus Program, designed to accelerate the deployment of electric school buses across the U.S.

In the second round of funding, the EPA awarded First Student the funding to deploy more than 370 new electric school buses in school districts across the country.

Electric school buses will bring zero-emission student transportation to more communities.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 70% of low-income students take the bus to school compared to 50% of non-low-income students.

“This significant investment from the EPA’s Clean School Bus Program allows First Student and IPS to take a giant leap towards environmental responsibility,” said IPS Superintendent Dr. Aleesia Johnson in a release. “Together, we are driving change and paving the way for a greener, more sustainable education system.”

“First Student is proud to usher in the transition to electric buses with our partner Indianapolis Public Schools to provide quieter, healthier, and safer rides for students,” said Kevin Matthews, First Student’s Head of Electrification, in a release. “Together, we’ve been able to secure funding for 10 emission-free buses and chargers for Indianapolis students, providing them better learning experiences and healthier futures. We look forward to continuing this partnership with IPS to ensure every student starts the day ready to learn.”