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Mike Epps comedy show disrupted by heckler at Detroit theater

Comedian Mike Epps, an Indianapolis native, talks Jan. 15, 2023, about the distribution of bottled water in Jackson, Mississippi. (Photo from WLBT Video via CNN)

(WISH) — A night of comedy took an unexpected turn Saturday at the Fox Theatre in Detroit when a heckler’s antics briefly stole the spotlight from comedian Mike Epps, an Indianapolis native.

The disruption happened during one of Epps’s stand-up routines. However, the laughter was temporarily drowned out as a young woman engaged in a verbal exchange with both Epps and security personnel, ultimately leading to her removal from the venue.

Videos online show the woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, contesting a despite with a employee of the performing arts center.

Taking to TikTok to share her version of events, she alleged someone else was sitting in her assigned seat, sparking a heated exchange between the woman and theater staff. The woman claimed that her attempts to resolve the seating discrepancy were met with resistance from theater employees. In her account, she asserted that the situation escalated when security and law enforcement became involved at the request of theater staff.

Epps, reportedly informed of the unfolding situation, incorporated the incident into his performance, engaging in playful banter with the woman. Amidst the exchange, Epps humorously referenced a previous interaction with the woman, delivering him a drink adding a lighthearted tone to the encounter.

However, tensions mounted as theater staff intervened once again, prompting the woman to resist leaving the premises without a refund for her ticket. Despite the verbal sparring, the situation eventually de-escalated, with the woman deciding to depart after consultation with a family member.

In her account, the woman asserted that law enforcement officials sided with her version of events, alleging discrepancies in the seating arrangements and expressing dissatisfaction with her overall experience at the theater.

Epps, known for his ability to navigate unexpected circumstances, reportedly laughed off the incident, referring to the woman as “feisty” during the course of the evening.