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As road rage spikes, expert’s advice on keeping calm behind the wheel

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – So far this year the Indiana State Police Indianapolis District has investigated 52 incidents of gunfire on Interstates. 

“Some of these shootings are targeted and involve individuals known to one another,” state police Sgt. John Perrine told News 8 in an email. “However, a vast majority of them are believed to stem from road rage.”

Road rage not only leads to accidents and violence, it also harms a person’s health. The explosive behavior increases stress levels which leads to high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.

News 8 spoke with Kimble Richardson, licensed mental health counselor at Community Health Network, who offered tips on how people can keep their anger in check before doing something they’ll later regret.

“In the moment you can do a few things very quickly like breathe deeply through your nose, hold it for a few seconds and push it out through your mouth,” he said. “It gives you just a few seconds to disengage momentarily from what you’re about to do.”

Richardson also recommends people have a special photograph in the car to remind them about the important things in life, whether it’s a photo of their spouse, children or pets.

He then urges people to ask themselves: Is me getting mad at this situation worth risking my life or someone else’s?