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Family of Angie Barlow not giving up hope after new developments in disappearance

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — We are learning new details about a search warrant served in connection to the disappearance of Angie Barlow.

Family reported the 23-year-old missing from Indianapolis last October.

Police said they served that search warrant at a home in Muncie after receiving information believed to be connected to Barlow’s disappearance. Police also arrested four people on unrelated charges.

Barlow’s family told 24-Hour News 8 they are desperate for answers.

“We hold up the best we can,” said Christina Kramer, Barlow’s mother.

For the first time, Christina Kramer spent Mother’s Day without her daughter Angie.

“That was the worst Mother’s Day I ever had,” she said. “My husband and kids, they did everything they could to make the day better that was terrible.”

Her daughter was last seen during the early morning hours of October 27, 2016, in Indianapolis.

Kramer said she filed a missing person’s report when she couldn’t get a hold of Barlow.

Police found her car last November, but Barlow was wasn’t there.

“Every thought runs through your mind, but you do everything you can to keep things as positive as you can,” she said.”

Since then police have followed up on leads in the disappearance, including the search in Muncie where police said they arrested four people on unrelated charges.

“We don’t know who they are, and given everything that’s going on, we hope and pray that, you know, our daughter is found soon,” she said,

Kramer said it’s a pain no mother should ever have to go through.

“The fear of the unknown is just excruciating because you don’t know every day what’s going on,” she said. “You don’t know where your kid is, you don’t know what they’re going through.”

But it’s support from family, friends and people in the community that’s pushing Kramer forward to find the truth.

“We constantly tell ourselves and everybody else we know she’s out there, and we know that she’s just waiting on us to find her,” she said.

Kramer is also urging that anyone with information about her daughter’s disappearance please call police.

She believes someone out there knows what happened to her daughter.

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