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Father catches man taking up-skirt photos at California Target store

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – A man suspected of taking up-skirt photos of women at a Target store in Orange County has been arrested, largely thanks to the help of an alert bystander.

“What caught my attention, when he got close to my daughter it was in the camera mode,” Ismael Duarte said.

Duarte noticed the man approach his 15-year-old daughter Sunday night around 7:45 with a cell phone held low, pointed up in the direction of her skirt.

He blocked him from getting close to her, but minutes later he saw the bald man in a tank top strike again.

This time he was bending down and apparently recording a video up another woman’s skirt.

Target security tape captured the confrontation.

“We were coming over to the register and here he comes again — pops out following another girl with the dress,” Duarte said.

Duarte kicked the cell phone from 29-year-old Jorge Ibarra.

Duarte and his wife ran after the man, snapping pictures of him and his license plate. That’s all police needed to catch him.

“It’s disgusting that he knew exactly what he was doing,” Duarte’s wife said.  “If he went to different  Targets to do this, how many other stores did he go to?”

Target security tape shows Ibarra placing his cell phone on the ground near other women in the Cypress Target the same night.

Police say earlier that day, at a Target in Cerritos, Ibarra used his cell phone to inappropriately videotape and take pictures of women there as well.

The Duartes say the Cypress Target manager told them the staff had been warned that a man with Ibarra’s description was targeting women in that store just one hour before.

After police spoke to two victims and multiple witnesses, Ibarra was arrested and charged with invasion of privacy.