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Fishers announces plan to spur innovation, attract tech companies

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) – Mayor Scott Fadness announced on Thursday, the cities plans to purchase a $3.1 million building to house Launch Fishers members.

The new location offers 51,571 sq ft compared to the current location that is only 16,000 sq. ft inside Hamilton East Library. Ball State University already agreed to rent 3,000 sq ft in the new facility on Visionary Way.

Under the proposal, Fishers would purchase a building triple the size of Launch Fishers’ current space. Launch Fishers would also partner with Ball State University to eventually create the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

“This will partnership will further the Launch Indiana initiative, a state wide entrepreneurship that includes mapping resources and peer-to-peer coaching. This expansion will also offer new jobs in Fishers,” said CEO John Wechsler

Mike Goldsby, Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at Ball State said it gives students real-world experience.

“The key to any strategic partnership is recognizing and harnessing each entity’s strengths.  Integrating Ball State’s entrepreneurial education expertise and our students into the real-world climate of startups that are housed within Launch Fishers will reap dividends for the university and Launch Fishers. It evidences Ball State’s commitment to being an entrepreneurial university and Fishers’ commitment to being a thriving, creative city. I can’t imagine a better opportunity for our students to learn about how to bring new products and services out into the world, and we’re honored to be a part of this,” stated Goldsby.

Mayor Fadness agreed with Goldsby.

“I believe in the twenty-first century. This is just the next step forward. Launch Fishers has provided proof of concept for our entrepreneurial city. The new relationship with Ball State University will help bring real word startup experience to students. It will benefit members by giving access to the university’s professors and research data base,” said Mayor Scott Fadness

Launch Fishers currently has 485 members. A new company called Haven that specializes in home repairs is one of them.

“We started our business one year ago and we already have hundreds of subscribers, we also have a downloadable App. I am hoping to move into the new space to meet the growing demand of our company here in Fishers, said Haven CEO Jim Brown

The City Council will consider the Launch Fishers expansion at the Monday, April 20 council meeting at 7 p.m.

If you would like to find out more about Launch Fishers click here. To check out the new home repair company that recently launched inside Launch Fishers called Haven click here.