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Fountain Square residents on high alert after reported burglaries

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Some people living in the Fountain Square neighborhood are on high alert following a number of reported burglaries.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says there have been at least six home burglaries within the last week.

Police say the break-ins are happening between the 1300 and 1400 block of Fletcher Avenue. Most of these cases all seem to have a similar pattern with the suspect breaking in through a window.

“I just hope that the guys who are doing this know that we’re being vigilant and know that people are locking things down. It’s just a matter of time before they get caught,” said Tyler Clark, Fountain Square resident.

Clark lives near Spruce Street and Fletcher Avenue. He says someone broke into his home almost two weeks ago.

“We saw that our house had been broken into completely ransacked,” said Clark. “They kind of went through everything and took a lot of stuff and just sort of destroyed it all.”

He immediately filed a police report and quickly learned that he wasn’t the only one.

“Police definitely seem to be paying a lot more attention because this is happening more often they’re starting to piece things together,” said Clark.

Terrie Waedon lives on the same block and really didn’t think much of it at first.

“I was not really worried about it and then I woke up the next morning to find the windows busted out of my car and my school supplies gone,” said Waedon.

Waedon says her cosmetology books were tossed into the alley. Luckily, a neighbor discovered the books and returned it to school. That neighbor also had her house broken into that same week.

“I mean, I was worried for her. They got her car keys. She had to replace her car keys. She had to hide her car,” said Waedon.

Waedon like many others in that neighborhood are hoping that police will make an arrest soon.

“I mean I park my car right outside of my bedroom window and I didn’t even hear it,” said Waedon. “Whoever is doing this is good at what they’re doing. I didn’t hear the glass shatter,” said Waedon.

Police say the thieves got away with jewelry, clothing, printers and laptops.

Police are asking residents to take extra precaution, remember to lock your doors, and to call them if you see or hear anything suspicious.

Some residents say they have already installed security cameras and alarm systems. They’re also using Nextdoor to get the word out about the crime. The website and app is a private social networking website for neighborhoods.

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