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Frankfort officer goes on goose chase to rescue bird tangled in fishing line

A screenshot of bodycam footage from the Frankfort Police Department shows an officer and a bystander rescuing a goose who became tangled up in fishing line near the City Lagoons. (Provided Photo/Frankfort Police Department via Facebook)

FRANKFORT, Ind. (WISH) — A Frankfort police officer and a bystander were led on a “wild goose chase” as they worked to rescue a goose tangled in fishing line.

Bodycam footage shared by the Frankfort Police Department on Facebook shows the rescue.

Sometime Thursday morning, an officer patrolling the City Lagoons found a goose standing in the road obstructing traffic. The goose refused to move, and soon the officer noticed its feet were wrapped in fishing line.

The officer and a bystander were able to catch the goose after what police said was a short pursuit, then cut the bird free with a pocket knife.

In the end, the “wild goose chase ended peacefully,” as the department said in the post.