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Franklin PD receives $15K from DOJ for body armor

FRANKLIN, Ind. (WISH) — The Department of Justice is awarding $377,409 to law enforcement agencies around Indiana, the money set to go toward the purchase of ballistic and stab-resistant body armor.

Franklin Police Department in Johnson County will receive the largest grant: more than $15,000. It’s a match grant, so Franklin will also contribute more than $15,000.

RNR Tire Express does good business, but they’ve also learned about security, after their backdoor opened, setting off the alarm after hours. Franklin police officers came out immediately.

“Potentially it could’ve been very dangerous. We have stacks of tires and stacks of wheels. It would be very easy for someone to hide that if they were trying to cause malicious intent,” Kingsbury said.

They’re confident that the Franklin Police Department will be able to handle any future calls. Currently, all 49 officers are outfitted with bullet-resistant vests.

“It’s just another tool to help keep our guys safe,” said Franklin Police Chief Tim O’Sullivan.

The vests, which are mandatory at Franklin Police Department, cost anywhere from $800-$900 each, get replaced about every five years and protect against more than just bullets.

“It has saved us as far as someone trying to hit you. It’s another layer of protection. It’s just another piece of armor on your body that helps you against the criminal element,” said O’Sullivan.

Protecting against criminals is one thing that keeps business rolling at RNR.

“Knowing that they can feel protected and their families can feel protected as they come and protect our families, and our business, is super important,” said Kingsbury.

The Department of Justice awarded 111 grants in Indiana. Cities, towns and counties with fewer than 100,000 people get first priority for the funds.