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Gov. Mike Pence introduced as Donald Trump’s running mate

NEW YORK CITY, Ny. (WISH) – Calling themselves the, “law and order,” candidates, Donald Trump explained his vice presidential pick, while Mike Pence introduced himself to the country.

After days of speculation, the two Republicans joined for the first time as running mates at a Manhattan hotel.

“I accept your invitation to run and serve as Vice President of the United State of America,” Pence said.

For 15 minutes, Indiana Governor Mike Pence captivated an audience still trying to figure him out.

“I’m really just a small-town boy who grew up in southern Indiana with a big family and a cornfield in the backyard,” Pence said.

As for his political beliefs, we heard a line many Hoosiers might recognize. “I’m a Christian, conservative, and a Republican, in that order,” Pence said.

The man who picked him said he did so because of Indiana’s economic growth. “When I see what happened with respect to the numbers with the state and everything else, that to me was probably the single most important point,” Trump said.

Pence wasn’t the only Hoosier lawmaker in attendance. State Representative Tom Saunders, and his wife, Sue, gave Pence a familiar face in the crowd.

“The guy I saw there was the Mike Pence who was my congressman,” Tom Saunders said. “And I think that’s what the Trump campaign needs.”

“I could feel the excitement,” Sue Saunders said. “It was very tingling inside. I was so proud of Mike.”

While Trump focused on Pence’s economic accomplishments, there were no mention of social issues.

“We know that’s been a problem in Indiana,” Tom Saunders said. “So I’m not surprised he steered away from that, and at some point they’ll ave to come to an agreement with that.”

One thing both agree on, urging Republicans to come unify the way they have. “For the shake of our security, for the sake of our prosperity, for the sake of a Supreme Court, that will never turn its back on our God-given liberties, let’s come together,” Pence said.

That is a message each is sure to bring at next week’s GOP convention.