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Grand Park in Westfield packed for Trump

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) – Thousands of people packed the Grand Park event center to support presidential candidate Donald Trump, but some in the crowd were still needing convincing before handing over their vote.

Attendees lined up as early at 6:30 in the morning Tuesday. By the time the doors opened at 4:30 p.m., several hundred were standing in the hot sun waiting to get inside.

The event was scheduled to start 7:30 p.m., but started an hour late which caused some to leave early.

24-Hour News 8 caught up with a few of them as they headed to the parking lot.

Some explained Trump’s speech was exactly what they were expecting and had heard before, but they were glad he touched on the ambush on the officers in Dallas.

They also were glad he offered his condolences to the two men killed at the of police in Baton Rogue and Minnesota.

A few people we talked with were simply excited to see Trump in person. They had missed out on his Indiana rallies during the primary.

Others were hoping this speech would earn their vote.

“I’m not for Trump or for Hillary right now. I’m hoping this would kind of swing my opinion a little bit, seeing him in person,” said Shaun Cook of Westfield. “I know a lot of people are upset with what’s going on around the country right now and I’m one of them too. And things really need to change and I’m hoping being here tonight will swing my opinion more towards him.”

When asked about the idea of Pence possibly becoming Trump’s running mate, some people were excited.

Having them pair up could unify voters in the Republican Party, several of whom packed the Grand Park event center today.

We talked with a few people who feel the two would be a good fit, sort of like a yin and yang but still sharing enough ideals that would attract conservative votes.

Others aren’t so sure having Pence as a running mate would be a smart move for Trump.

Pence has made headlines across Indiana and the US for the wrong reasons, specifically his handling of RFRA.

“Pence has done a lot of things the past couple of years that Indiana, people from Indiana are upset about too, so I think it’ll hurt him honestly in Indiana. I don’t think he should go with Pence. Chris Christie would probably be the best bet for him,” said Cook.

Stewart Eaton traveled from Bloomington to see the rally and was pumped at the possibility of Pence joining up with Trump.

Eaton said, “Governor Pence has got a way of oratory that presents Mr. Trump in the best light. Obviously, this is a patriot and that’s what America needs now.  We need to be proud again.”