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‘Grandpa of the Internet’ is having a cookout and you’re invited

PURCELL, Okla. (WISH) – The famous “Papaw” is having a cookout for everyone to eat one of his burgers.

He became an internet sensation last week when his granddaughter posted a picture on Twitter and said she was the only grandchild to come to dinner.

He had even made 12 burgers for the six grandkids.

But, as the picture gained more attention, some of his grandchildren began visiting and eating a burger with their grandfather.

Now, everything will be made right because one of Papaw’s grandchildren, Brock, announced a cookout on Saturday, and everyone is invited.

The cookout is in Oklahoma, where Papaw lives. He will be cooking burgers for $2. There will also be t-shirts to buy.

According to Twitter, there are a lot of people that want to attend.

It looks like Papaw won’t be lonely after Saturday. He’s even been named the “Grandpa of the Internet” by some.