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Greenfield first responders recount I-70 crash rescues

GREENFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — What Greenfield first responders knew first Tuesday was that a bus crashed on I-70. On the way there, they learned more.

“That there were possibly 12 people on the bus. That the bus was on fire,” EMS Division Chief RJ Beaver said.

That’s when crews started calling other agencies for backup.

“On our mind was, do we have enough resources coming? Do we have enough ambulances coming to transport all these people?” Beaver said.

And on the scene, they got even more info. Confirmation that a six-year-old boy had died.

“It hits home, because most of our staff have kids,” said Beaver.

Crews sorted out the injured from the non-injured and made sure victims got medical attention.

When the rescue effort was over, their job was not.

“The father was right there with us at the time,” Greenfield Fire Chief James Roberts said.

Roberts said part of the job includes comforting family members of victims, and that’s what officials did.

“It’s a very traumatizing situation for him in more ways than just being involved in a crash,” Roberts said. “He realized a family member was deceased.”

Chief Roberts said a crash like the one that happened Tuesday can also be emotional for first responders. Crews had a group meeting with their chaplain after the run, where they discussed what had happened.