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Grigson’s draft philosophy for the Indianapolis Colts

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Colts are preparing for next week’s NFL draft, as the event moves to Chicago.

General Manager Ryan Grigson has nine picks, one in each of the seven rounds, plus a pair of compensatory choices in both the sixth and seventh rounds.

He said it is always about choosing the best guy, not necessarily the best fit.

“The best player available mentality is the best mentality to have,” said Grigson at a Thursday news conference. “Our roster for the most part is pretty balanced. You know, we have some areas of concern but there is always those no matter what stage of the game you are in. You really hope and pray that somebody who thought would be on picks 15 through 20 falls to that spot, you know at the bottom of the draft, because other areas are pretty deep. So, we are hoping that happens and we don’t get stuck.”

He knows there are areas that need help, including the offensive line, defensive line and safety.

“We really try not to draft anybody that you see as a backup. And there are a lot of different philosophies that you need depth. I want playmakers. I know Chuck (Pagano) wants playmakers. We need playmakers. It’s tough because when you get down in those later rounds, a lot of times you are staring at some talent but you are going to have to deal with a few headaches here and there. You can deal with headaches, just not migraines,” said Grigson.

The draft begins April 30 and will continue through May 2.