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Health Spotlight: Common habits can cause kidney damage

Health Spotlight: Common habits can cause kidney damage

(WISH) — About 37 million people have kidney disease, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and 1 million of them will die from it this year.

Most people don’t experience any symptoms so they don’t know what things can cause it.

Depending on their lifestyles, people could be damaging their kidneys without knowing it.

Dr. Jeanie Park with Emory University School of Medicine said, “The symptoms of kidney failure can include, usually, very vague things like some nausea, decreased appetite. Patients may have some fatigue, changes in memory. In terms of urination, they may notice they are getting up at night more often to urinate.”

Learn more in the latest Health Spotlight report from News 8’s Camila Fernandez.

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