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Therapist: sadness, anxiety could be caused by climate change

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Even subtle changes in the weather caused by climate change could affect your mood.

“People have this sense of something dreadful, something looming, something coming, but maybe it feels far enough out they think more about their children,” licensed clinical social worker, Veronica Needler said.

Needler runs a practice in Carmel, and lately she’s seeing patients experiencing anxiety and helplessness caused by climate change. One example is when weather causes flights to be grounded.

“So I might encourage the person to talk about what is it like that your spouse is stranded overseas and that for more days your are going to have to be parenting alone,” she said.

People who work outside may find themselves suffering even more. There is research showing certain medications make it harder for your body to cool itself.

“So the natural response to be able to sweat, and release heat keep your core temperature cool, becomes impaired, and it makes you more at risk for things like heat stroke,” Needler said.

Needler urges you not to ignore or downplay these feelings, because they won’t go away.