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Women resorting to ‘primal mom screams’ to release pandemic frustrations

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The pandemic is pushing parents to the edge, especially moms. And now they are coming together across the country to let out their frustrations that have been building up for the past two years. It’s what therapists call the ‘primal mom scream.’

It may sound a bit unconventional. However, Kimble Richardson, licensed mental health counselor at Community Health Network, says there is a method to what may seem like absolute madness. 

“I first want to give them props for a couple of things,” he tells News 8. “First, for [mothers] to be thinking about their mental health, which is very important. And secondly for coming together as a community.”

It’s hard to tease out what’s most helpful, Richardson adds. Is it the social support? Is it the actual screaming? Or is it a combination of both? He says it doesn’t matter. What matters is that parents are coming together for a common purpose to support one another. 

Richardson also says the ‘primal mom scream’ is based on science. For it to be beneficial requires a component of laughter and humor. Laughter, he says, decreases the stress hormone cortisol. But if the activity is only done in anger, cortisol will increase negating any benefits. 

He also wants women to know having a sense of laughter and humor does not in any way discount or minimize the heaviness of the burdens they may have experienced during this difficult time.