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Heat sends NASCAR fans running for cover at Brickyard 400

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Sunday’s sweltering heat sent many NASCAR fans at Indianapolis Motor Speedway running to find a place to cool off.

Many people were taken away on stretchers due to the heat.

“The last time I had to deal with anything like this I was in Iraq,” said Anthony Lewis, comparing the temperatures at IMS to the desert.

“It’s pretty hot out here for us. Pretty fun though,” said Corey Abney, while watching the race. “Been coming here for years so I’m used to it.”

Temperatures stretched well into the 90’s, but some felt like it was more than 100 degrees.

“I’ve been out here since 10 this morning. I’m out there riding the bikes around, pulling people. It is hot, got to do everything I can,” said Chris Smith, while taking a break from driving people around on his bike.

“It’s very hot, feels like it’s 110, but it’s worth it. For all the atmosphere and the fun you have here, it’s worth every degree,” said James Maher, who was at the race with his wife.

IndyGo brought in three buses as cooling stations. Some people were seen using umbrellas for cover, others opted to sit under trees in the infield.

“I’ve been staying really hydrated. Drinking a lot of water and Gatorade — that’s the best thing you can do on a day like this,” said Nicole Maher. Sunday’s race was her first time watching the Brickyard 400.

“If you don’t have to move around anywhere, get where you’re going and stay there,” Lewis added.