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Holocaust survivor Eva Kor remembered in celebration of life

Remembering Holocaust survivor Eva Kor

Travis Johnson | News 8

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indiana is remembering Holocaust survivor Eva Kor, who died just over a month ago.

As Gov. Eric Holcomb said Sunday at her celebration of life, “We lost a giant. A 4-foot-11 giant.” The impact Kor has had on Indiana and the rest of the world is something that will never be forgotten.

Kor dedicated her life to becoming a living record of the horrors that happened at Auschwitz. She and her twin sister, Miriam, were both part of human experiments when they were jut little girls, and they managed to survive.

“What she told me once that was pretty profound is, ‘When I come back here — to Auschwitz — I don’t come back as a victim. I come back as a victorious survivor,’” said Tom Green, who produced a documentary on Kor. “And it’s that victorious survivor that we’re here to celebrate today.”

Even after the indescribable events she went through, Eva went on to show the world the power of forgiveness as she met up with former Nazis. But her message was one beyond forgiveness.

“She did forgive and I think that’s an important part of her legacy,” Eva’s son, Alex Kor, said.

“But I think there was so many other things. She really found that the Holocaust was a great avenue to teach kids in particular, but all people, how to avoid genocide, how to avoid hate in our world. And I think she used her life and her messages to try to educate the world and I think that’s really a big part of the strength of her, the strength of what we’re trying to do moving forward,” Alex Kor said.

She’s left a legacy through programs like the CANDLES Holocaust Museum and touched so many individual lives. The quotation displayed at her celebration of life read, “I want my time on this earth to count for something,” and many people there would say her time counted so much that what she’s done will extend beyond her time on earth.

“It’s really heartening to know that Eva reached such a broad base of people and her message will continue on through these different people,” CANDLES Holocaust Museum Director Leah Simpson said.

To celebrate Eva’s life, those closest to her want the world to take her message and spread a little more kindness.