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Human mom and dog mom go into labor at Hurricane Irma shelter in Florida

BROOKSVILLE, FL (WFLA) – It seems the atmospheric pressure from Hurricane Irma created some circumstances that are impossible to stop.

Amidst the life-threatening storm, a new life begun. At D.S. Parrott Middle School in Brooksville, two moms went into labor Sunday- one pup, one human.

The school is a designated shelter, packed with animals and their worried owners. A Siberian husky-wolf mix is now expecting puppies. Panting and trying to get comfortable, Chyanne is getting belly rubs and lots of support.

In addition to the dog mom, a human mama also went into labor at the shelter. She’s seven and a half months pregnant and was rushed to Brooksville Regional Hospital where she later gave birth. WFLA is told both mom and baby are doing well.

Brent Gaustaed, principal at D.S. Parrott Middle School, is in charge of the shelter and helped arrange the emergency trip to the hospital for the mom when she went into labor Sunday morning. He’s also helping to look after the mama pup as she approaches birth.

Both humans and animals are being cared for at this shelter, which is at capacity and packed with pets right now.

Animal Services is at the shelter, in addition to members of an EMS team and even a chiropractor.

“To know these things are happening, to know that all these people here love animals. To know that, as we go through a stressful crisis, something unique and kind of cool is going on. Hurricane and Irma, the puppies, are coming into town,” said the principal.