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I-465 crash at Rockville Rd. could impact local businesses

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — As crews work to repair the Rockville Road Bridge over I-465, drivers will have to find alternate routes. Major delays are expected in the area and business owners are hoping that doesn’t keep customers away.

“We heard the sirens and then immediately on television and we got alerts on the phones,” said Steve Orner as he described how he heard about the crash on I-465 Tuesday morning. His business, Jay Orner and Son Billiard Company, is located on Rockville Road, just west of the I-465 loop. He watched as a chaotic scene unfolded outside his store windows.

“People were getting frustrated, people blowing horns, I mean repeatedly. The truck drivers were a little out of control because it was backed up for two or three hours and they were barely moving,” said Orner.

Orner is now wondering if continued delays in the area will impact business.

“I’ll know more this weekend but I don’t foresee it being a big problem, but if it is going to be months that is somewhat of a concern,” said Orner.

He said business really starts picking up before the Super Bowl, so he’s hoping the traffic doesn’t keep people away. He said he already received several calls from people asking for alternate routes to his store.

“That is going to be tough for the first few days, everybody getting used to what is the best way for them to go, so that is going to be a concern, but we’ve already experienced telling people how to get here,” said Orner.

Overall he doesn’t anticipate this taking a major toll on his business because the billiard shop is so specialized, but he said others in the area might not be as lucky.

“A destination like ours, I think people are going to find their way around, but I think the gas station across the street, that would be a concern because again people aren’t going to be coming this way, getting gas, stuff like that,” said Orner.

In the next few days Indiana Department of Transportation crews say they will be working to remove debris and several beams from the road. Right now there’s no time-frame on when all of the lanes will open again.