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Enormous pothole returns months after Public Works repairs

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Motorists say it’s no ordinary hole in the road.

The width takes up two lanes of traffic. The enormous pothole can be a little deceiving on how deep it is. It is about 14 inches deep, and people who live and work around it say the hole is getting bigger by the day.

Motorists say the hole on North Forest Avenue when turning off East Washington Street just east of downtown and west of South Rural Street can be an adventure. The driver of an IndyGo SUV nearly bottomed out the vehicle while making the turn.

Chase Janzer says he’s witnessed drivers of cars and trucks testing their fortitude with the hole a dozen times a day for almost two years. “Luckily, there is a towing company right around the corner because sometimes you drive through and you wonder if you are going to get stuck.”

Sidney Powers told I-Team 8 that she has reported this hole to the Indianapolis Department of Public Works at least 20 times, most recently a few weeks ago. The city opened a file but not for long. 

“A couple weeks later, they closed it with no change. They just closed the case and moved on,” Powers said.

She works at Quality Fabricated Solutions. Its office is at the end of Forest Avenue. One of its primary suppliers have told her that unless the road is repaired soon, they may stop making deliveries. 

“Our No. 1 supplier. If they don’t come in, we can’t operate,” Powers said.

I-Team 8 has been called twice about this hole in the road. The first time, in June, after months of complaints to the city government and Public Works, a company that would prefer I-Team 8 not use its name paid for 20 tons of gravel to fill the hole. Public Works has told I-Team 8 that it doesn’t recommend do-it-yourself repairs to Indianapolis streets.

The gravel stayed in place less than a month before Public Works cleared the hole and put down asphalt. But, I-Team 8 was told, the repair didn’t last six months.

Aaron Boggs, who works in a business on Forest Avenue, said he has a decent-sized truck that allows him to cross the hole with only a small wake. “It is really entertaining to see how dangerous it is coming in every day. The big thing you are always worried about people on Washington Street rear-ending you.”

I-Team 8 sent pictures of the hole to the mayor’s office and tried to contract Public Works about the hole. I-Team 8 will continue to keep on eye on the hole and let motorists know when the city closes the Forest Street hole.