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4 Fishers churches targets of check fraud

Churches in Fishers targets of check fraud

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — The Fishers Police Department tells I-Team 8 that four churches have reported that members of their congregations were hurt in a check fraud scheme.

Christ the Savior Lutheran Church is one of the four churches hit by the scheme.

In February, the church sent out an email to its congregation warning members about the situation.

“People were getting their end-of-year giving statement, or donation statement, from organizations, specifically churches and realizing that what they donated, what they knew they had donated, wasn’t adding up to what the church had received from them,” said Officer Angela Ellison of Fishers Police Department.

Fishers police don’t know how many victims from the four churches were affected. Police also don’t know exactly how much money was stolen.

According to the email from Christ the Savior Lutheran Church, the checks were sent through the mail and intercepted before arriving at the church. They were then cashed without a signature.

Fishers police investigators are finding out how the checks were intercepted and cashed.

In the meantime, police encouraged people in the congregations to start giving electronically.

Ellison said, “If your church has a Venmo option, or a PayPal option, or something like that, you want to look into that and ask for that and start to consider to give that way.”

Anyone who might be a victim of the scheme or who has information about who might be responsible was asked to contact the police department.