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Glock switch device found on gun seized after Lawrence Central shooting

Teens arrested following shooting outside Lawrence Central High School

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A Glock switch device was found on one of the guns confiscated by police following the shooting outside Lawrence Central High School Wednesday night.

The Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township said district safety protocols were followed during the shooting.

“I don’t think we could of done anything different,” said Jim Parish, direct of security for MSD of Lawrence Township. “From the time the shots were fired within less than three minutes, we made apprehension on two people with weapons and secured them, so I don’t think we could do anything better than that.”

The district said the two teens entered the school for the basketball game and went through metal detectors, but did not enter the school with a gun. They said both teens appeared to leave the school before the end of the game.

“Nothing positive comes from a 14 or 15-year-old carrying a handgun. Nothing positive results from that,” said Gary Woodruff, chief of the Lawrence Police Department.

One of the teens is facing charges for possession of a machine gun because the gun police recovered had a machine gun conversion device on it, turning a semi-automatic hand gun into a fully-automatic machine gun.

“That’s an increasing level of concern,” Woodruff said. “What led to that Glock switch getting applied to this particular firearm? Was it obtained that way? Those are far too readily available, especially into the hands of juveniles.”

Right now, it’s unclear if the gun was fired with the switch engaged.

“There were two shots fired, so that would indicate maybe not, but the investigation is still very early,” said Woodruff.

Investigators said the shell casings recovered at the scene will go to the lab to be cross checked with the weapons they recovered to determine if they were the guns that fired the shots.