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Inconsistency of trash pickup frustrates businesses in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Customers of Ray’s Trash Service are upset over the inconsistency of their trash pickup, which is leading to overflowing dumpsters.

I-Team 8 spoke with the operators of a business and an apartment complex about the problem. Neither would go on camera, but told I-Team 8 that they’ve experienced issues with their service since Ray’s Trash Service was bought by Waste Management in September.

I-Team 8 took their concerns to Waste Management, whose operators said when they bought Ray’s Trash Service that 30% of the garbage trucks were not up to Waste Management safety standards.

I-Team 8 asked Waste Management if that is the reason for the backlog of trash.

The written response: “Every acquisition looks different, with various and expected challenges to overcome – based on the location, the size of the company, the number of employees, the number of assets, operating protocol, safety standards, company culture, etc. While WM works to streamline and integrate operations quickly, we make safety a core value without compromise, and work to ensure that all operating protocol, including employee safety and assets (trucks, etc.) exceed industry safety standards.”

The statement also mentioned what they’re doing to fix the issue: “WM was aware that the fleet would need to be addressed. A significant investment to support fleet improvements has been allocated and immediately implemented, including the deployment of 75 assets that have either been received or are in transit to support the Indianapolis area.”

Waste Management also told I-Team 8 it made sure all Ray’s Trash Service drivers who made the transition to it’s company were properly licensed to drive garbage trucks, which are commercial vehicles. They also put those drivers through 4-6 weeks of safety training locally. In 2023 WM will also send technicians who service garbage trucks to Arizona for 2 weeks of training.

Waste Management did not say if that training was linked to the disruption of service customers have experienced.

Moving forward, Waste Management says it will also be putting GPS technology in each garbage truck to provide routing notifications for drivers and ensure timely service.

Waste Management also told I-Team 8 that it plan on having all of these issues fixed for customers by February.

This story was updated to show the safety training in Arizona has not yet happened.