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Indiana State Fair keeps ‘no weapons’ policy despite permitless carry law

INDINAPOLIS (WISH) — Despite Indiana’s new permitless carry law, the state fair that opens Friday will continue its “no weapons” policy, says the chief marketing and sales officer for the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Anna Whelchel said Thursday, “We do have magnetometers at all of our entry gates, and we have our public safety officers. They are incredible. They’re here 24 hours a day — state police, EMS, IMPD — everybody’s here.”

Security will include over 100 public safety officers who will roam the grounds 24/7.

A list of safety measures and of things visitors can and cannot bring to the fairgrounds is on its website.

State safety inspectors on Thursday prepared the Indiana State Fairgrounds before the annual fair opens Friday. “We make sure that we make upgrades, regardless of if there’s unfortunate incidents or not,” Whelchel said.

Those inspections included all the rides.

Matthew Cronley, the chief Inspector of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, said that the checks were done “just to make sure that these rides are installed per the manufacturer’s instruction.

“We’re referring to the data plate, making sure that this ride operates to its recommended speed, or if it’s spinning people around that making sure that the ride is level secure.”

The fair runs through Aug. 21 but is closed on Mondays and Tuesday. Cronley says all 46 rides go through emergency shutdown procedures before the gates open to the public every day. He says no major violations were found on any of the rides they inspected. “I have three children and they can they look forward to the Indiana State Fair every single year and every year they have a great time.”.