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Indiana State Police search of Wabash River enters Week 5

(WISH) — Kegan Kline was taken out of jail a few weeks ago.

He is facing 30 child porn-related charges for using the fake social media account anthony_shots to get sexual images from underage girls.

Police have said that account may be linked to the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German in Delphi, Indiana, in February 2017.

Danny Gill says he is on a Peru, Indiana, bridge over the Wabash River a couple times a week. He is documenting the search of the river on his YouTube channel, called Famously Unfamous. Gill says, over the past five weeks, a team from 10-15 people from Indiana State Police have meticulously searched the river. The search started on the west side of the Nickel Plate bridge and progressed about 400 yards in the past month. The searchers have placed poles topped with red flags as they moved along the river.  

“And right where you are standing, they set up a tripod like a surveyor’s tripod and had a guy standing out with a surveyor’s stick and they marked out every little area. … They surveyed it and took pictures for crime scene probably,” Gill said.

That happened Sept. 2, and, later that same day, he captured video of state police using a drone over the river.

Then, earlier this week, more eyes appeared in the sky.

Gill said that “a state police helicopter did fly over. … I don’t know if it was a figure 8 or two circles, and then it headed straight south. I did look it up on Flight Tracker, and it is registered to Indiana State Police.”

Over the past couple of weeks, the searchers have raked the ground on both sides of the river. On the north bank of the river, under the bridge, sits a pile of metal and other objects collected during the search.

Every day, weather permitting, the team from state police gather in a parking lot near the river, change into wetsuits and get into the river.

A few people with metal detectors have worked in various parts of the river, but most of the searching has been done on their hands and knees.

Gill said, “I have not seen them bring anything out as far as evidence, but they carry buckets and things like that with them. I sure it is not something that you just grab and go running to the bank with.”

The searches began around Aug. 19. That’s the same time that court records show Kline was released to the custody of state police, in a court order originally sealed from public view. The court order did not specify the exact reason for the search, and state police have not commented on why to I-Team 8.

Two court filings in August by Kline’s attorneys say he was exploring other legal options and in negotiations with the prosecutor. 

But, the Murder Sheet Podcast reports Kline was present for a search of the river.

I-Team 8 to the home of Kline’s father, which is not far from the bridge, hoping he might share some insight on the search. No one answered the door.

I-Team also have reached out Kline‘s lawyer, who did not respond.