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Police likely looking for additional suspects in the Delphi murders

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter has been the face of the Delphi murder investigation from day one.

I-Team 8’s Richard Essex talked to Carter twice this week about the investigation, suspect Richard Allen and releasing the probable cause affidavit to the public.   

Essex: Who’s decision was it to seal the probable cause? 

Carter: The prosecuting attorney that was approved by the judge.   

Essex: Did you have any say in that?   

Carter: I did not know that was going to happen.  

Essex: Would you like to see the probable cause out?  

Carter: I have seen the probable cause. 

Essex: Would you like for me to see the probable cause? 

Carter: I think absolutely, yes. Yes, yes. 

I-Team 8 has asked the court to make those documents public. A newly assigned judge, Judge Frances Gull of Allen County, will now have to decide how long those documents can remain secret. 

Essex: You released three seconds of video with some audio, I think, in ’19. Is the voice that we hear from Libby’s phone, is that Richard Allen?  

Carter: Time will tell, again, I think that once the probable cause affidavit was signed by the judge, that changes things for the investigative team and I don’t profess to be a part of that investigative team, Richard, so it would be inappropriate for us to speculate or talk about what we know until the right time, which is going to be in a court.  

Why would the judge keep the probable cause sealed?

I-Team 8 put the question to Dr. Jody Maderia of the IU law school in Bloomington.

“There may be other individuals that they are seeking to apprehend and there could be details they don’t want getting out in the public to control the quality of that investigation,” Maderia said.  

Indiana State Police questioned Allen Wednesday of last week and arrested him on Friday. He is charged with two counts of murder. Under this specific Indiana criminal code, it would indicate he is accused of committing additional crimes.

Carter says the charges are appropriate but declined to go any further.

Dr. Maderia helped fill in the blanks. 

“That indicates that he could have done something else. This is a fairly broad-based murder statute. It allows for charges of other offenses such as child molestation, sexual trafficking, kidnapping, those sorts of things,” said Maderia