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IMPD releases video of furry suspect arrested during January break-in

IMPD removes raccoon from home after three attempts

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — “If you’re cold, they’re cold – let them inside,” has been said when animals are left outside in the winter.

But one nocturnal fiend took that phrase too literally when they broke into a home on the southeast side in January.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department released bodycam footage of the incident on Tuesday.

Police in the early morning of Jan. 9 were called to a home on the southeast side to investigate a call for help. The homeowner called 911, saying he believed someone was trying to break into his home.

But when officers arrived, they learned that the burglar was not a person, but a raccoon looking for a warm place to crash for the night.

Police first found the furry suspect cornered in the man’s living room, bodycam footage shows. After multiple attempts to remove the raccoon from the corner with a broom, the raccoon lunged, running through the dining room and kitchen to find an escape.

Officers eventually cornered the unruly raccoon behind a refrigerator, which the raccoon climbed on and did a quick workout on top of. “He’s doing pull-ups on the (fridge) casing,” one cop said in the footage.

A catchpole arrived on scene, and after three attempts, an officer caught the critter and released it into the wild. The bodycam footage shows the officer watching the raccoon run down the street into the southeastern Indianapolis night.

After the catch and release, police are heard apologizing to the homeowner for trashing the house during the incident.

The homeowner shook it off, saying, “That’s fine, that’s the easy part. I just wanted him the f— out of my house.”

Police did not provide any updates on how the raccoon was doing since the incident.