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Indiana family travels to Thailand to save girls from sex trade

KENDALLVILLE, Ind. (WANE) – Every year, it’s estimated that 1.2 million kids are trafficked around the world. That’s why Destiny Rescue has made it its mission to save as many as possible. Now a northeast Indiana family is leaving the lives they’ve known to help rescue girls in Thailand.

“It’s what God wants me to do,” Eileen Meyer said. “I’m extremely humbled to have this opportunity . It’s a privilege.”

For the next two years, Meyer and her son Aaron and his wife, Shirel, will live and work in Thailand with Destiny Rescue, a Christian non-profit organization that rescues girls from the sex trade. In the last seven years, the organization has saved 1,500 girls, many younger than 16 years old.

“We go in undercover and pretend to be customers and look for these young kids and help them get out,” Kirk Falconer, the CEO for Destiny Rescue USA, which is based in Syracuse, Indiana, said.

“To me it’s like a duty has been placed on me,” Aaron Meyer, who will be doing undercover work in Thailand, said.

A sense to serve is not new to Aaron. His father was a Navy Seal and he was an Indiana State Police trooper for four years.

“I was supposed to do that and I do believe it was for a time such as this, to give me the background and training and experience to do this,” Aaron said.

Eileen left her job as an executive assistant at Dupont Hospital and will now use those skills working with Destiny Rescue’s founder in Thailand.

“As I look back at my career, it’s exactly what I’ve been called to do,” Eileen said.

Shirel will train to be a counselor and while they’re saving girls on the other side of the world, they’re also bringing one of their own into the world. Baby Isabella is due September 23rd.

“We feel so strongly that when you’re called to do something, you do it and you’re going to be equipped with things. We believe our child is supposed to be a part of this,” Aaron said.

Through trust, kindness and love, Destiny Rescue brings girls from slavery to salvation.

“Let them experience love, at the very least from another human being. That’s been keeping me motivated and focused and helping me prepare for what I have to do,” Aaron said.

After they are rescued from the sex trade, the girls are given counseling and then taught a trade.

“It’s rescue and restore and reintegrate. It’s a holistic approach to helping them escape abuse forever,” Falconer said. “To keep them free forever, we give them skills and confidence to find safe, rewarding work. It’s beyond beautiful that we get to be part of setting these kids free. It’s amazing.”