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Indiana Going Blue collecting uniform patches for family of Southport Lt. Aaron Allan

SOUTHPORT, Ind. (WISH) — Police departments from across the country are taking part in a special project for the family of fallen Southport Lieutenant Aaron Allan. He was shot and killed on July 27th while responding to a crash.

Indiana Going Blue is working with the Southport Police Department to collect uniform patches from law enforcement.

The group has received more than 100 uniform patches so far, but needs about 100 more to make quilts for the lieutenant’s wife and two children.

“When you look at this and you see all these patches that we don’t even have on the table, you know that everybody is thinking about you and they want to make sure you know you have that support,” said Southport Police Department Chief Tom Vaughn.

Chief Vaughn is amazed by the support from departments near and far.

“They come from all over the country which is nice,” he said.

The first uniform patch came from Carmel Police and soon after they received patches from departments in California, Kentucky, Illinois, and Kissimmee, Florida.

“Actually they mailed the patch on the day when they lost two officers, so to me that’s my favorite patch right now just because of what it meant. They were reaching out trying to support us and that evening they went through the same traumatic incident,” Chief Vaughn shared.

The police chief said receiving a patch will mean so much to the lieutenant’s family once the project is completed.

“It’s something that you can look at and see the support. You know sometimes you forget how many people support you and how big the brotherhood really is,” Chief Vaughn said.

24-Hour News 8 learned the project is approved by the lieutenant’s wife, who’s already been in contact with Angi Cheeseman, the president of Indiana Going Blue.

“Right now we have four volunteers, we will take more if more people want to help. It’s pretty much open to whoever wants to help and what talent they can bring,” said Cheeseman.

Indiana Going Blue did the same thing last year for the family of Howard County Deputy Carl Koontz. Deputy Carl Koontz was shot and killed while serving a warrant in Russiaville.

“I enjoy doing it. I think it’s great. I think it’s awesome that the community comes together but I really wish it was a different reason,” Cheeseman said.

Indiana Going Blue is collecting patches until the end of September. You can mail your patches to Indiana Going Blue P.O. Box 17642 Indianapolis, IN. 46217.