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Company attracts 360 families so far by paying them to move to Indiana

Indianapolis company pays people to relocate

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Families can earn anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 by moving to Indiana. is enticing people to move to 27 Indiana cities, from Evansville to South Bend.

Chief Executive Officer Evan Hock says his company also helps people move to 170 other cities, towns and regions across the country. “The places we recruit from most (are) places like California, New York, Illinois, Florida and Texas.”

Popular places in Indiana for relocation include Terre Haute, Muncie, Noblesville and French Lick.

To be eligible, candidates must have a remote job, meet a certain minimum income threshold, and agree to live in that city for at least a year.

“These people tend to be in knowledge trades, so think engineers and salespeople and marketers, but they are highly paid and highly educated and they tend to bring families with them,” Hock said.

Much like buying a product online, users can select the city they want to move to and then see the amount of money offered for the move.

Depending on the city, other incentives include a yearlong pass to state parks, free coworking spaces, or a membership to the local chamber of commerce.

“Things like board seats at local nonprofits is something that Bloomington is doing. Tickets to local concerts is something that Noblesville is doing,” Hock said.

Money to fund this program comes from the Indiana Economic Development Corp.

Hock says his company has attracted 360 families to Indiana over the past year and a half. “These workers are moving for a variety of different reasons. They are searching for quality of life, that might be they are looking for someplace affordable, they want someplace where they can connect to a local community, and Indiana has that in spades.”

Besides Indiana, other popular places people are moving to include eastern Kentucky, West Virginia and Tulsa, Oklahoma.