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Instructor says new permitless carry law doesn’t change gun owners’ responsibilities

NEW CASTLE, Ind. (WISH) — A licensed firearm instructor on Wednesday said Hoosiers carrying a concealed handgun still will need to understand the rules, even after a permitless carry law takes effect.

Blake Kaiser, the manager of Victory Range and Armory near New Castle, says he’s fielded numerous questions from gun owners about the law for the past couple of months. He says the only difference it makes is eliminating the permit requirement to carry a handgun.

“Before, you would get on the Indiana State Police’s website and there would be instructions on there,” Kaiser said. “Now, it is just your right, once you turn 18, to carry a firearm.”

State law puts a number of places off-limits to firearms, including government buildings and school property. Kaiser says that list has not changed, nor has the prohibition on felons carrying a firearm.

In a statement announcing the bill signing, Gov. Eric Holcomb said concealed carry permits will still be available to anyone who wants one.

Kaiser says getting a permit is still a good idea if you want to carry a firearm while traveling out of state. He says this will take care of any reciprocity issues in states that recognize Indiana permits.

Unlike some states, Indiana does not require someone to take a training course to get a concealed carry permit.

Still, Kaiser says it’s a good idea to seek professional training, especially if you are a new shooter. He says he plans to work with lawyers to launch a new training course in the coming months to help shooters understand their rights and responsibilities under Indiana’s permitless carry law.

The new law does not take effect until July 1, so anyone who wants to carry a concealed firearm before then still will need a permit.