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Minnesota’s Emmer defeats Rep. Jim Banks for House majority whip

WASHINGTON (WISH) — Indiana congressman Jim Banks will not be the Republican majority whip when the next session of Congress convenes in January.

House Republicans voted Tuesday in favor of Tom Emmer, the U.S. representative from Minnesota. The race between Banks and Emmer was decided on the second ballot in a 115-106 vote, according to The Hill.

Banks — who chairs the Republican Study Committee — said in a statement that he will support Emmer and other party leaders.

“While we fell short in our campaign for whip, I promise I will continue to be a conservative fighter in the Congress. During past majorities, House Republicans have failed to deliver on our commitments. Next Congress, I will do everything I can to make sure Republicans keep our promises and advance a conservative and America First agenda. Our voters deserve a party that keeps its promises.”

The job of a party’s whip is to serve as an assistant leader who helps ensure that members vote according to the party platform, not according to their own ideology or the wishes of donors and constituents. The whip also makes sure party members attend voting sessions and quorum calls.

The role of majority whip will be the third-most powerful job in the U.S. House of Representatives.