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Indiana Tenant Association files over 70 complaints against Kittle Property Group

Indiana Tenants Association submits 70+ complaints to Attorney General’s office

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indiana Tenant Association said it filed over 70 complaints with Attorney General Todd Rokita’s Office about three properties owned by Kittle Property Group for unsafe and uninhabitable living conditions.

Those properties are Lafayette Landing at 2333 Lafayette Road, the Reserve at White River at 2774 Pixel Road, and Lyndhurst Park Apartments at 3215 Joey Way.

Laurin Embry is the Indiana Tenant Association director. She alleges there are nonfunctional fire hydrants, rotting on some balcony posts, and mold at the Lyndhurst Park Apartments.

“Lynhurst Park Apartments,” Embry said. “There are elders, families, infants and children that are breathing in mold every day.”

Lafayette Landing and the Reserve at White River are communities for older adults. Embry alleges safety concerns at the two complexes that share a connected parking lot.

“There is a gate that was never replaced. There are individuals that find their way onto the property,” Embry said. “Cars have been stolen. Unhoused people have been sleeping in the common area and storage areas.”

Sherry Jackson, a resident at The Reserve at White River, spokes about her main concern. “The trash. Oh, my goodness, the trash. I guess they only pick it up once a week. It’s falling out of the dumpster. It’s on the ground. It’s just nasty over here anymore.”

The Lafayette Landing building also deals with frequent elevator issues causing its residents to miss appointments and be unable to shop for groceries or do other tasks, according to Embry.

“That leaves the elders with no choice but to crawl up the steps or walk up four flights of steps,” Embry said.

Embry also alleges faulty fire alarms at Lyndhurst Park Apartments. She said there are bad furnaces in some units that could be a fire hazard. Pair that with oxygen tanks in many residents’ units, and, Embry notes, there is an additional safety concern.

“We have fire alarms that are known to go off in various buildings, and it is so common that residents, they don’t hesitate or evacuate when they hear the alarms,” Embry said.

Embry said issues are met with no response from the property managers.

Many Google reviews for Kittle Property Group have similar complaints: on Thursday, 134 reviews and over 100 one-star ratings across multiple states. Many allege uninhabitable, unsafe and unsanitary living conditions.

A representative with Attorney General Todd Rokita’s Office said because that “these cases are connected to licensing enforcement … there isn’t anything we can share at this time.”

News 8 reached out to Kittle Property Group on the phone, via email and through the contact form on its website, but received no response.