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Indiana University staff members flunk test

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WISH) — Some staff members at Indiana University made headlines for flunking a test.

University technology officials say nearly 15 percent of employees fell for an email phishing scam.

“It almost feels like a joke, why would you treat your faculty in that regard?” continuing education student Angelia Wengert said.

University technology officials confirmed that they sent phony emails to staff members, asking them to change their password and click on a link. If they did, a message followed stating they’ve been “phished.”

“There’s been a lot of attention to phishing recently, it’s been a problem for a number of years,” Von Welch with IU Cybersecurity said.

Von said the emails were sent under the Chief of Information’s name but not his email address.

“15 percent is about typical. It’s really hard with human nature, we see that email from our boss and we want to be helpful we want to do as we’re told,” Welch said.

“I would give them a ‘B’, it’s not too big of a number but it’s not the greatest,” one student said.

“I’ve heard of phishing scams before so it doesn’t surprise me that anyone got hit with it,” another student added.

Welch said he hopes the results of the test will serve as a learning tool for the staff.

“It also gives them feedback and shows them how they’re doing so they can track. They do it this year, it was 15 percent. Maybe next year, it’s down to five percent or something,” Welch added.

Experts say cyber criminals send out 8 million phony emails a day and about 80,000 people fall victim.