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Indianapolis International Airport confiscated over 100 illegal weapons in 2015

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indiana still needs thousands of jobs to catch up to where it was pre-recession, and just how many illegal weapons were confiscated at the Indianapolis International Airport last year?

Indiana set a record with 2,614,000 private sector jobs in July 2015, breaking a 15-year-old mark, but the Hoosier state has yet to return to its pre-recession employment rate.

The Indianapolis-based Indiana institute for working families found the state still would have needed $108,000 jobs to get back to where it was pre-great recession.

Indiana’s jobless rate is now at 4.8 percent but was 4.6 percent in December 2007 when the worst recession of modern times began.

In other business headlines, there were 120 weapons confiscated at the Indianapolis International Airport in 2015.

That was not among the highest in the nation.

The illegal weapons includes guns, martial arts gear, pepper spray and cutting items.

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