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Indy chef to cook Thanksgiving feast at Standing Rock

BISMARCK, N.D. (WISH)-An Indianapolis chef has arrived near the Standing Rock Reservation, where she plans to cook a Thanksgiving feast for the people fighting to keep a pipeline off the land.

Anna Powell, a chef at Ivy Tech Community College, packed a truck with more than 200 pounds of food on the near north side of Indianapolis Tuesday afternoon.

“I’m hoping to feed about 1,000 people, hopefully twice,” Powell said. “I would hope that people would do the same for me.”

Protesters fear the Dakota Access Pipeline will pollute Standing Rock’s source of water and destroy sacred burial and prayer sites. The company behind the pipeline argues the chances of an oil spill are slim.

Police are defending their decision to douse protesters with water in frigid temperatures just north of Standing Rock last week. Authorities said demonstrators set fires and tried to storm past a roadblock.

Powell said she plans on sleeping in the back of a truck with a subzero sleeping bag.

“I have a skill where I can cook for a lot of people. I thought, I can do this and then have other people help as well so it gives them a chance to be of service,” Powell said.

Tyner Pond Farm, based in Greenfield, donated thirty pounds of beef. Powell’s friends made more than 4,000 dinner rolls.

Powell raised more than $4000 through an online fundraiser.

“It means more to me than I think people would ever know,” Powell said. “I always get these kind of crazy ideas of service, usually during the holiday.”

The donations helped her rent a U-Haul and buy food. She said she’ll donate any leftover money to Native Americans at Standing Rock.

“I’m really excited,” she said.