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Indy couple carjacked while delivering newspapers; police recover stolen car

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis couple described a terrifying experience when they were carjacked by teenagers while delivering newspapers on the city’s southwest side. Police said one of the teenagers had a gun.

It happened early Monday morning near Lyons Avenue and Roena Street.

The 69-year-old victim told 24-Hour News 8 he didn’t think he would ever see his car again. But police recovered the car Monday evening.

Police found the car not too far from where the suspects confronted the victim and his 66-year-old wife.

24-Hour News 8 was there when police responded to the call for a stolen car. Police found the victim’s car a 1997 blue Ford Taurus in the alley, believed to be ditched by the two teenage suspects.

“I took one step towards him and said ‘What are you guys doing this crap for?’” said Jerry Rosner, carjacking victim.

Jerry Rosner said the car belongs to him and his wife. They were out delivering when she noticed someone suspicious.

“We pulled into his driveway to put his [customer’s] paper on his porch like we always do, and the wife noticed a couple of guys walking in the street,” he said. “She told me there were a couple of people, so I would be aware of them.”

Rosner said he got into his car and saw the suspect.

“As I was backing up before I could put it in drive, he approached my door’s window and asked me what the name of the street was because he wasn’t familiar with it,” he said.

Rosner said the suspect told him he was lost.

“Before I could even answer him, he immediately said, ‘Get out of the car,’ and I said, ‘What?’ and I looked, and there was a gun pointed right at my head,” he said. “He said it again, except more demanding, more anxious, so I got out of the car and he was standing there holding it like a police officer would and said ‘Take off.’”

Rosner got out of the car. That’s when he said another suspect jumped into the driver seat. He said the suspect with the gun told him to hand over everything and did the same thing to his wife of 28 years.

“The guy with the gun, he went around the back of the car to the other side and pointed the gun at my wife at her head and told her to get out of the car.”

Rosner said he contemplated fighting back, but when he saw the gun pointed at his wife, he knew he had to remain calm.

“At first you think, ‘There’s no way I’m going to let somebody shoot me over a car,’” he said. “But when they pointed the gun at her, you think more of the other person than anything else.”

Even though Rosner got his car back, he’s now hoping police will find the suspects.

“I’d go up to them and tell them ‘When they take you to jail, tell them you want to stay here for a while,’” he said. “So I have time to forgot how you look like.”

Rosner said he and his wife won’t let this stop them from delivering newspapers. Right now police have not released a description of the suspects.

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