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Indy man collects ties to help men applying for jobs

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Derek Morris walked through a job fair last year.

He watched as applicants scurried inside a building with resumes in hand.

During Morris’s observation, he noticed some of the male prospective employees were without ties.

“The guys were really casual in sweatshirts, and T-shirts. I thought, ‘I’m coming to the same job fair next year, and I’m giving away ties,’” said Morris.

Over the last couple of months, Morris started collecting ties. As people started to learn about Morris, his tie collection grew. Morris even received packages with ties inside.

Morris plans to take the ties to a job fair. He will give the ties away free. He will also teach anyone who wants to learn how to tie a tie.

Several places are accepting donations for ties, including Players of Fade Barber Shop, Quest Staffing and Center for Leadership Development.

“When a man puts on a tie, his whole outlook on himself is boosted,” said Morris.

If you would like to find out more about the Morris’s campaign, just click here.