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Indy Ten Point Coalition hoping to expand statewide to help reduce crime and violence

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) —  An Indianapolis faith based group is hoping to expand statewide to help reduce crime and violence in troubled neighborhoods.

Many cities are now looking to replicate the model of the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition.

Some people in Muncie and Kokomo recently launched their own versions of the group.

“I think people are looking for strategies that are working because everybody wants to live in a peaceful and safe neighborhood,” said Reverend Charles Harrison of the Indy Ten Point Coalition.

Reverend Harrison told 24-Hour News 8 they continue to get calls from other cities looking for help to reduce crime. He and other pastors met with the attorney general Monday looking for ways to expand patrols in high crime neighborhoods.

“The attorney general really talked about you know his experience as a prosecutor and what he felt needed to be done to help curb the pattern of violence among our young people,” said Reverend Harrison.

The meeting lasted for about two hours. Reverend Harrison highlighted his group’s success in reducing crimes in three neighborhoods: Butler Tarkington, Crown Hill, and the United Northwest Area.

He said they’re now thinking about possibly doing patrols on the east side of the city.

“We want to train other neighborhoods how to do this community policing model, how you work with IMPD or whatever police department may be in your city,” he said.

But with the expansion comes the need for more resources, like volunteers and funding. Harrison said they are looking at different options, including the private sector.

“We got to get in front it and we have to get in these neighborhoods and try to touch the hearts of those individuals who are out there selling the drugs, who are out there involved in criminal activity,”  he said.

He said something needs to be done before it’s too late.

Cities, like Muncie, Kokomo, and Louisville, Kentucky have already made changes after seeing an increase in crime. Some residents even started their own crime prevention groups.

“We got to get to them, we got to touch their hearts and we got to redirect their lives so we can curb the pattern of violence that we’re seeing in these cities,” he said.

Reverend Harrison is planning another meeting with the attorney general. He said they’re hoping to put together a plan statewide and how other cities can replicate their model moving forward.

Muncie will have its first patrol on Thursday at 5 p.m. Members from the Indy Ten Point Coalition will make the trip to Muncie to help the group with the patrols.

The attorney general issued a statement Monday:

“Rev. Charles Harrison has assembled a group of passionate team members to develop the Ten Point Coalition which is achieving dramatic results in the reduction of violent crime in portions of Indianapolis. I am thrilled to join he and the other members of the coalition to consider ways in which to expand the reach and success of the Ten Point Coalition throughout Indiana.”

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