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Demolitions continue downtown Shelburn revitalization efforts

A former tavern on Washington Street in Shelburn is demolished (photo courtesy of the town of Shelburn)

SHELBURN, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) – The town of Shelburn has demolished two dilapidated properties as part of an ongoing effort to revitalize its downtown. The Sullivan County town says the removal of a former residential building and former tavern aligns with its beautification and quality of life goals.

The town hopes to further enhance the overall quality of life and promote economic development.

“Cleaning up and tearing down these rundown, dilapidated properties is part of the bigger picture for Shelburn,” says Jay Southwood, Shelburn clerk and treasurer. “Restoring and revitalizing our town is our contribution to the development of our town and region.”

With the properties demolished, the town says it has a number of ideas and options for its next occupant. The town says both lots offer viable space for future development and revitalization.

The demolitions were funded by the town’s recent increase in local income taxes.

“These revitalization projects are a result of the LIT tax increase and their results stretch further than that. This is about economic development, quality of place and doing our part to support the region’s growing tourism. It really is one piece of a greater puzzle,” said Southwood.

The town says it plans to continue a series of demolitions on several more properties over the course of the next few months.