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Kennedy King Memorial launches ‘Marvelous Potential’

(photo courtesy of the Kennedy King Memorial Initiative)

INDIANAPOLIS (Inside INdiana Business) — The Kennedy King Memorial Initiative in Indianapolis is partnering with Pacers Sports & Entertainment to launch the Marvelous Potential program. The organizations say the program is designed to give civic, business and community leaders the chance “to see central Indiana’s challenges through the eyes of most directly impacted by them.”

The eight-month program will include a class of leaders from various industries and sectors. The participants will explore neighborhoods, visit with community members and see “often-unseen aspects of Indianapolis.” Organizers say the ultimate goal is to inspire leaders to leverage their platforms and public influence to address inequities throughout the city.

“We talk a lot – and rightly so – about the need to listen to the community to better understand how to address the biggest disparities, and Marvelous Potential is meant to remove as many of the filters as possible and link decision-makers directly to those most impacted,” Darryl Lockett, executive director of the Kennedy King Memorial Initiative.

The partners say the 2021-2022 class will meet once a month from September to March, with class days including site visits and discussions with experts, leaders, activists and residents. 

“Unlocking the immense potential of Indianapolis neighborhoods requires sneaker diplomacy, being present and visible in the community to listen to unfiltered perspectives of what our neighbors actually need.” said Rick Fuson, president and chief operating officer at Pacers Sports & Entertainment. “That’s the way to ensure solutions are collaborative and come alongside the incredible work already being done by so many to make Indianapolis a more resilient city.”

You can learn more about the Marvelous Potential program and how to apply by clicking here.


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