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ISIS threat being reviewed by Indianapolis investigators

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis Homeland Security Chief Gary Coons is asking Hoosiers to be calm. This comes after the FBI and Department of Homeland Security sent statements to investigators across the country warning them about a new recruiting tool from ISIS.

According to the report, it appears the terror group is targeting girls and boys right here in the United States. The terror group is reaching out to the teens through social media sites.

The goal of ISIS is to get the teens to come over to Syria, where they will be trained in terror techniques and then sent back to the United States.

“The concern is when they come back,” said Coons.

In an interview with 24-Hour News 8, Coons adds his division of Homeland Security is monitoring social media very closely. At this time, he says there is no known threat here in Central Indiana.

“I don’t want people to live in fear,” said Coons. “If something doesn’t seem right give us a call and we will check it out.”

Late Thursday afternoon, Indiana State Police also confirmed investigators with the FBI and Homeland Security had sent statements to the agency detailing the warning.

If you see something suspicious you are urged to call, 1-877-226-1026, that is the number to report suspicious activity in the state. You can also call your local police department including 911.