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It is Severe Weather Preparedness Week: Here’s how to prep for severe weather

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It is Severe Weather Preparedness Week in Indiana, and the National Weather Service is reminding everyone to stay weather-prepared. “Tornadoes occur year-round but are most likely to occur from April to June,” explained senior meteorologist Jason Puma.

If a tornado hits, shelter in a study building away from windows on the lowest floor interior room or closet and cover your head with blankets or pillow. Residents that live in a mobile home should find a safer building long before the storm arrives. If you happen to be in a vehicle at the time of the storm, drive away or abandon the car as a last resort. 

Standing water can also be problematic. If you live in a flood plain, investigate and decide the fastest route to higher ground. Make note of nearby roads that are likely to flood.

The NWS says while the rainfall frequency atlas analysis of this flash flood may make it seem like a rare occurrence, we are seeing such extreme rainfall on a more frequent basis across the country, including Indiana.

Experts suggest people prepare an emergency kit at home with three days of food and water, flashlights, batteries, radio, and a first aid kit. Experts also say to keep medication, cash, blankets, and other supplies handy when the storm strikes. 

The National Weather Service is looking for more weather spotters to assist in their coverage. You can register online for free two-hour training in person or online.