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Joey Feek’s daughter thriving at Tennessee preschool

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – Their story had the world’s attention. So many people followed as country singer Rory Feek documented his final days with his late wife Joey.

Joey passed away after a long battle with cancer in March.

Since Joey’s untimely death, many have wondered how Rory and daughter Indiana are doing.

Through his heartbreak, Rory has shifted his focus to the 2-year-old girl.

Since Indiana has Down syndrome and is developmentally behind, Rory said his wife always planned to homeschool their daughter.

“We had plans for how we thought life was going to be, but as you know, life has not worked out that way,” Rory said. “So the next best thing would be to find a great school that she could be a part of.”

Just before Joey passed away, they found it with High Hopes in Franklin.

“Once she saw what High Hopes was and what it could be for Indiana she was moved, she was really emotional about it and so was I. It just felt like a loving place where they could handle kids that have unique challenges,” Rory recalled.

The developmental center and preschool allows children with special needs learn and get therapy all in the same building.

It’s an inclusive school where special needs students and typically developing students learn together and they see no difference.

Indiana has only been there for a few months but she’s already been making strides towards walking and talking for the first time.

Even after everything they’ve been through Rory still considers himself a lucky man.

“When you get out of your car and you see six other cars that mothers and fathers are getting their children out of and those cars have wheelchairs and really difficult situations, it puts your life into perspective and you start to realize, wow there are people who have a much harder road to go down than you have and you start to remember how blessed you are,” Rory explained.

High Hopes is a nonprofit school so they spend a lot of time fundraising to be able to change these families’ lives.Click here to learn more about High Hopes.